The Catholic Parliamentary Office

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Who they are

The Catholic Parliamentary Office is an agency of the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland and is founded on a Christian model of values. The Catholic Parliamentary Office was established in 1999 to aid the Church in contributing to the work of both Government and Parliament in accordance with the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

Their Mission

We are committed to ensuring that the values of the Gospel are prominent in public life and that the Social Teaching of the Church is made known to those active in politics and more widely known in society.

Their Vision

To promote a Christian model of values in the political forum and make a positive contribution to society.


All Catholic Parliamentary Office work is underpinned by a recognition of the unique dignity of each person from the beginning of life until natural death, a special appreciation of the role of the family as the foundation of society and the necessity of a civil society, guided by the values of solidarity and subsidiarity, that recognises the importance of working for the Common Good.

What they do?

We promote Catholic Social Teaching in the public square, engaging with the work of Parliament and Government to ensure that the Church’s voice is heard on relevant issues. We hope to encourage a greater understanding of Catholic Social Teaching and to see the Catholic community of our country engaging in political issues so that we are working together for the dignity of all human life and the common good of society.

Their work

We have responsibility for the following:

•  Monitoring and examining relevant political developments in Scotland and beyond.

•  Informing and supporting the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland in responding to political events and developments.

•  Making the voice of the Church and her teaching heard in the political sphere, including the provision of information to the Scottish and UK Parliaments, as well as the Scottish and UK governments in regard to the teachings of the Catholic Church on pertinent issues.

•  Empowering lay people to participate effectively in society at political level founded on the teachings of the Catholic Church.

•  Engaging with stakeholders with similar interests, including other Christian denominations and faith groups.


Some of the issues we deal with include:

•  Abortion

•  Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

•  Education

•  Environment

•  Human Rights

•  Immigration

•  International Development

•  Nuclear Disarmament

•  Poverty

•  Religious Freedom