The DONATE button is now a permanent feature on the Diocesan website – and it leads you to a way to make payments to your local parish as well as diocesan projects like the Episcopal Fund, the Student Priest Fund and the Poor Mission Fund.


Thank you for choosing to make a donation


Bishop Stephen Robson has launched an appeal for Catholics across the diocese to seek out ways to continue their support for the Church, in their local parish, for their diocese and also globally with its work around the world. The appeal is being made at a time when our church doors are locked and there are natural concerns too about the traditional ‘plate’ collections.

Bishop Stephen said, “Following requests from many parishioners around the Diocese wishing to continue to make their weekly offering to their parish, the Diocese has established, along with many other Diocese throughout the country, an online giving portal to allow you to donate to your parish at any time.”

“This portal, available through the Diocese website, is a completely secure way to give to your individual parishes, as well as to some of the Diocesan Funds that keep the Diocese running and working.”

Bishop Stephen added, “A standing order remains the best and most cost-effective way for individuals to donate to Parish funds on a regular basis.”

“The setting up of a standing order can be done by completion of a simple form, or via your own internet or telephone banking. You will need the bank details of your own parish, which in the first instance are available from your parish priest. Most parishes will have their own pre-established standing order forms.”

“If you are a UK tax payer, and do not already use Gift Aid, this would be a good time to start.”

“The Gift Aid scheme allows charities to reclaim tax on a donation made by a UK tax payer. Gift Aid is reclaimed from the tax you pay during the tax year. For every £1 you donate, 25p can be claimed in Gift Aid from HMRC for your Parish.”

“Thank you so much to all those who can do this. We realise times are tough for a lot of people. Every penny will make a difference at this very difficult time – thank you for your support.”