We want to support you and are very aware that you know the situations within your own parishes. Therefore, you are well placed to provide the circumstances in which your church can resume activities within infection control recommendations. In addition, we want to provide an avenue for you to ask questions and provide feedback about where you would like further guidance. In short, we advise that, at present: 1. cleaning and disinfecting of church buildings must be observed 2. 2m physical distancing must be observed 3. increased hand washing should be observed and hand sanitiser should be available and utilised 4. face coverings must be worn at all times within church buildings (except by the priest within liturgical services when at least 2m of physical distance is possible.

This document has been drafted to provide guidance and support to clergy and parishioners as they prepare for the phased reopening of our parishes. The guidelines which follow reflect advice given in the Scottish Government’s Route Map on the gradual removal of restrictions. Diocesan Coordinators for Reopening can be contacted for local help and guidance. The obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains dispensed until further notice. The faithful are asked to consider carefully whether or not they should return in the early phases. Upholding the church’s duty of care to elderly clergy, together with social distancing reductions in capacity, will mean that the availability of Mass is likely to be reduced in many areas and may not be available at all in some parishes. Each parish is asked to consider these guidelines to assist them in deciding the readiness of the parish as our country moves into each of the four phases of the route map.

COVID-19 and its implications for Catholic communities throughout Scotland

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